Our History

Our History

The History of Lindsay’s Legacy Foundation

Lindsay’s Legacy Foundation was founded in 2019 to honor the life of Lindsay Presz Barrett after her death due to AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). The organization was formed by Lindsay’s sister, Stephanie, brother-in-law, T J McKenna, Mother, Carla Presz in addition to other close family mem­bers to remember Lindsay, her journey and profound message of HOPE.

Lindsay was the recipient of a clinical trial. Prior to the opportunity to be enrolled in a clinical trial Lindsay’s outlook and the possibility of ever leaving the hospital was very grim. Lindsay could not eat, could barely move and the traditional drug regimens failed to halt the rapid progression of her disease. The opportunity for a clinical trial was a miracle to her and her family. It gave her time she would not have had otherwise and allowed Lindsay to leave the hospital and enjoy the things we sometimes take for granted like seeing her son, Landen, and fiancé Sean.

A clinical trial for Lindsay and her family represented HOPE. As a result of the phase II clinical trial, Lindsay’s cancer had gone into remission long enough for her to have a potential life saving stem cell transplant with donor cells from her sister Stephanie.

Although she passed away in July of 2017, her family is forever grateful for the opportunity Lind­say had to live normally outside the confines of hospitals and treatments for more than a year.

We understand, both from a research perspective and a patient & family perspective, how impor­tant clinical trials are and the HOPE that they can offer. Our mission at Lindsay’s Legacy Founda­tion is to support research for clinical trials and drug development so together we can be part of the cure.